Tension Netting

Tension Netting is a dynamic access system that can be quickly deployed and dismantled in areas where access would otherwise be limited to large scaffolding systems. Lightweight, the system is minimally affected by wind or water loading.

Vertech technicians have extensive experience using tension netting systems, which allow safe and uninterrupted access to under-deck areas on ships, platforms, jetty structures, bridges, large tanks and structures where a large span needs to be accessed.

With tension netting in place, Vertech can offer unrestricted access to the area in question. When paired with WEB Deck to form a Hybrid System, rigid decks can be placed in targeted areas to offer a firm platform from which to carry out our full range of services including repairs, welding, cutting, steel renewals, blasting, painting and inspection. When third party specialist expertise is required on-site, our technicians can install secondary fall arrest systems to enable access.

Latest News

Vertech announce first acquisition of local marine micro ROV specialist Geo Oceans

Vertech have today announced the acquisition of leading subsea technology company, Geo Oceans. The Perth-based industry leader in micro ROV technology joins the portfolio of companies of the award winning Scotland-based energy sector service group with immediate effect. Geo Oceans is an innovator of safe, cost-efficient and powerful ROV technology...

Monday 22nd February 2016

A big high five to our ever growing team on the Karratha Gas Plant!

Vertech look forward to providing innovative solutions, and delivering projects to the highest quality well into the future – and with such a good team, we are excited by the prospects! Cheers to Jon, Adrian and Reinhard for the pic.

Tuesday 24th November 2015