Coatings Inspection, Remediation & Application

To ensure the effectiveness of any protective coatings system, proper surface preparation is paramount.

With an unrivalled reputation for providing flexible, rapid and reliable methods of accessing the work site, Vertech provide combined access and coatings solutions for fabric maintenance services which include:

  • Low dust, dry abrasive blasting
  • Ultra-high pressure water jetting
  • Conventional dry abrasive blasting
  • Concrete repairs / grouting
  • Stainless steel passivation
  • Cryogenic insulation removal, reinstatement and remediation
  • Certified passive fire protection application
  • Composite wrap installation
  •  Lead/chromate paint removal

Vertech’s coatings inspectors can provide third party verification services to assure clients that the parameters required for the application of a coatings system has been followed. We also provide inspection services to quantify the condition of existing coatings.

  • Close Visual Inspection (CVI)
  • Coating / insulation condition surveys
  • Dry Film Thickness (DFT) Surveys
  • HV Continuity testing (holiday testing)
  • Non Visible surface contaminant testing for PH, Chlorides, Ferrous Ions, Sulphates & Nitrates
Latest News

Sharing the Success of Fred Weder

Rope Access Technician Fred Weder has been announced as the Itchy’s Project June Winner of the Battle of Behaviours which is part of the 2017 Peer to Peer Conversation Competition. This is a wonderful acknowledgement by our client of Fred’s outstanding leadership in peer to peer safety assessment.  His...

Tuesday 15th August 2017

Vertech announce first acquisition of local marine micro ROV specialist Geo Oceans

Vertech have today announced the acquisition of leading subsea technology company, Geo Oceans. The Perth-based industry leader in micro ROV technology joins the portfolio of companies of the award winning Scotland-based energy sector service group with immediate effect. Geo Oceans is an innovator of safe, cost-efficient and powerful ROV technology...

Monday 22nd February 2016